Thursday, April 21, 2016


 The other day I did a photoshoot using Aubrey's old play kitchen and so I thought I'd try and get some extra use out of the candy with the girls.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Back in the end of February we had some really nice weather so one Saturday we decided to check out a park that was just North of Santa Cruz called Wilder Ranch.
It's an old ranch that is now a park open to the public.

 We saw some chickens

Checked out the old barns.

  The original homestead

 These bushes were massive and had tunnels running all through them. I'm inside it looking out the top.

Then since were close by, we stopped at Natural Bridges beach in Santa Cruz after grabbing some lunch (and diapers because we didn't bring a single one!).

The water was cold, but she LOVED it.


I felt like when Aubrey was Harper's age I had so much time to just watch her and take photos of her playing. So I took advantage of the day to try and take some photos of Harper just playing.
I try not to work at all on the weekends, so now I need to remember capture some of these moments.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


I took some photos the other night for a friend of her kids an this great little pedal car airplane and I managed to get a couple of Aubrey. It was a bit of gong show trying to get 5 kids in total to do some different poses together and individually, at dinner time (when the light was best) in the wind and cold but it was fun and I'm glad I got to use her little plane!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Prepare for photo overload!

Last Saturday we celebrated Harper's 1st birthday (even though it's today!).
We were going to have a BBQ in our backyard but we got rained out and somehow were lucky enough to have it at the Hotel! Jared got us one of the big suites and we stayed overnight
the night before. It was nice to be able to set up that night and then in the morning we
had breakfast in the room together and got ready.

Harper had a rough night's sleep and a short nap in the morning so she was not overly happy for her party! As soon as everyone left and I put her in her carseat she instantly fell asleep!

This is what Harper did during breakfast!
 Then it was time for a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi

The suite was pretty awesome and larger then our house so it was great for our party!
It had a foyer entrance, kitchen, bathroom and this large living/dining room.
Then through the open door on the right was our bedroom and bathroom - it was huge as well.
The colors of the room couldn't have been anymore perfect for the decorations I was planning to use!

She wasn't so interested in eating her cake, but shook it all over the place instead.

 She was soooo tired!

 I took these photos for her 12 month photos

Then the day after her party we did the cake smash/birthday photos: