Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I had an Alive in Wonderland theme birthday shoot yesterday and I wanted to get more use out of what I had set up. I asked Aubrey if I could take some photos of her and Harper dressed up as Alice and the Mad Hatter but Aubrey was not interested.
While out shopping we came across a "Madeline Hatter" costume which she loved so it became her birthday present/Halloween costume/Birthday party theme. Win for everyone!

We have now decided to do a Mad Hatter tea party for her birthday and I'll use these for her invites.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Today Harper is 18 months old!
She is climbing EVERYTHING, dances to all music, loves books and fine motor playing.
She doesn't walk, she runs. She LOVES dogs and bike rides.
She pretty much eats everything but her favorites right now are granola bars, all fruit and chicken.

 I was getting ready for a shoot today and she went and sat in the wagon so I had to send Jared in to get my camera and take advantage as she hardly sits still!

This afternoon it was warm and she was messy from eating so I took her outside to play in a tub!

Friday, September 9, 2016


Sometimes I'm crazy enough to take photos for people without a babysitter - now it's usually only for 15 min quick mini shoots. I ask myself - "why?" every time! They are always crazy and it's pretty stressful. The other day I finished photos and turned around to see her dressed up in my 12-18 month bomber jacket and hat! It was pretty funny and I made her pose for a quick photo.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Aubrey started school on the 17th and I've been to busy to do any back to school photos so I finally took some today!

She wanted to do a few of her own choosing. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016


I was asked by someone at church to decorate their wedding reception this past weekend. It was a ton of work but also a lot of fun!

This was in the courtyard of our church:

I made the sign

I did a Mercury glass finish on these dollar store vases by spraying it with a water/vinegar solution and then spraying it with looking glass paint. 

I also made the bouquet, corsages and boutonni√®res. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


We hadn't planned any trips for the summer as we were both busy working but I had a couple weeks still open so we decided to book it off and go somewhere!

We drove 13-14 hours through the night, stopped for breakfast and drove another 3-4 hours to get to Canada. We first went to Grand Forks, BC where my parents are currently on a mission for our church. We were able to stay with them there and see what life in Grand Forks is like:
Driving through Oregon I woke up to the sunrise on all the mountains.

 Playing in the river near my parent's place.

 Swimming at Christina Lake - it was actually quite warm!

 One of the many times we played at the water park

 Grand Forks

Aubrey with a bag of crab apples she was given.

Then we drove less then an hour to Jared's brother's house in Castlegar, BC

 It felt like we went to a different lake or river everyday. Above is one of 3 man made ponds right next to the Columbia River.

 A little further down the path from the ponds was a bike park. Jared had fun and Aubrey tried her hand at the little kid one but crashed and got a little scratched up.

 Scraped knees didn't stop her from trying a skateboard lesson at the skate park!
Another day we went to Champion Lake

 The kids got turns on the canoe for some fishing.

 The above is along the river in Trail, BC - it was so pretty and fun to play in. We brought our bikes and biked along the river trail then stopped for a picnic lunch before heading down to this beach to play.

 We spent a day in Nelson, BC to do some shopping and then went to a park where you could get on this trolly and go for a quick ride along the river. 
We went for a small hike to this viewpoint in Castlegar up to a helicopter pad.

 We saw some strange wildlife.

 Aubrey was taking photos of me taking photos