Friday, April 18, 2014


We hope you all are enjoying spring and have a great Easter this weekend!
The last photos I posted were from last September and I haven't taken any photos of Aubrey since then...until yesterday! She actually let me curl her hair and everything!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I finally got around to editing Aubrey's school photos that we took back in October sometime!
If you would like me to email you any of them, please let me know!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I was so lucky to have a friend invite me along with her to the Pacific Grove Good Old Days market this past weekend! I did pretty well, but didn't sell everything. It was a lot of work to get ready for!

Here's my inventory:

 Here's our booth: Allison's is everything on the left and back and mine is the table on the right.

It was a fun weekend. We were able to stay at Allison's parents house and the kids and dads played at the market one day and went swimming at the Pebble Beach club the next day. 
They had lots of fun and it was a really warm weekend.


Aubrey chose to try out soccer for a bit so every Monday before dinner we go to the community center just down the street to play. Her first class was this past Monday and she was very apprehensive at first, but the coach is so much fun that she couldn't help but have a good time!


I've been so lucky to have met my friend Elise who owns Stripes Boutique where she sells my Aubrey's Closet items. She was asked to be part of the Junior League fashion show and needed a few more dresses so offered to make some (I think I posted about it before). It was pretty cool to go and see my dresses come down the runway! My photos aren't very good because I didn't have a good view, but here they are: 
 There were lots of people there and I'm sure they raised a lot of money.

Back stage we tracked down the kids and got a group photo:


My brother and his family were in Disney Land for a week so on the weekend we headed down to hang out with them.
 We hung out at their pool and Aubrey had lots of fun swimming . . .

 while some napped.

 The big kids borrowed bikes from the hotel while I stayed with the two little ones who couldn't ride a bike yet.
 They played in the sand and collected rocks.

 What's a beach trip without a photo of Aubrey cleaning her feet?

 Next door was a funky Mexican restaurant that was pretty good.

 Sorry for the weird photo of you both - the only one I have!

On our way home we drove through downtown LA and through Hollywood, Bel Air and then onto the 101 home.


I went to the San Francisco Gift show with a friend so we decided to make a weekend out of it!
Jared got us both rooms at the Fairmont and both our families came.
Our rooms had amazing views!
 View out our window

 Nice view of Alcatraz
 View out a hallway window

 Rooftop garden


 Aubrey waiting for her friends to come! I don't have any photos of them! Twin boys from her class were who we went with. We ate at the Tonga room which had a pool in the center were a band plays and water drops like rain. The food was great!

 The Gift show is a wholesale show where we bought jewelry for cheap and display items for our craft show. Our friends stayed one night and we stayed for another.

 Aubrey is spoiled and loves eating in a hotel room. Good thing we get a discount!

Before we left we got a tour of the 6600 sq.ft. penthouse suit. It was amazing.
I managed to snap a few quick photos on my phone:

 Top level of the two-storey library.

 View from the balcony over downtown.

 Who doesn't need a Moroccan pool room?
Then we walked through Ghiradelli Square:

 We still haven't hopped on a cable car yet.

Played at the beach then drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped at the view point from the other side.