Sunday, August 20, 2017


 We were in Alberta last week visiting family and friends at Jared's dad's new home out in the country. His brother owns land across the street from him and when I saw the old barns on it I knew I wanted to take some photos around them. Luckily Jared really wanted some too so we pulled together some clothing and his brother and her girlfriend were kind enough to take some of us! His brother Kyle actually did an awesome job at getting the kids attention (I wish I had him with me all the time!).

 Uncle Kyle and Aubrey being silly.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


This past Thursday to Saturday we camped at Pinecrest Lake which is just over 3 hours North/East of us, just above Yosemite. We were lucky to make a reservation a campsite for two nights just the week prior as that's when Jared found out he could get the time off.
It was a nice campground on the lake (our spot was the furthest away from the lake).

 This was the first time we have gone camping since Harper was born!
I wasn't sure how she would do, but I think she slept better then everyone!

 The campsites were huge, we could have fit 3-4 tents on it!
 The lake had a nice sandy beach front and was pretty cool but nice in the 90+ degree weather.

 This was across from our site. There were lots of huge boulders throughout the campground that both Jared and Aubrey had to climb.

 Teaching her how to carry more rocks then she has hands for.

 We attempted to walk around the lake but didn't get very far. Jared ran it the next morning though.

 Best pouty face

Harper was a fan of smores. We only had mini marshmallows as we did banana boats the night before, but cooing about 8-10 at once seemed to work!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


 This little monkey has been especially hard to get smiles in photos lately.
On our way home from dropping Aubrey off at school the other day I looked back at her and she was grinning at me. I commented on how nice her smile and teeth were and every time I asked to see her teeth she gave me a huge smile! So of course we went straight home and I tried to get some photos of her with a real smile since she seemed to be responding!

 She loves playing with all my props so I let her play around the yard.

 She always wants to lay down in this little bed even though it's too little.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Yesterday we had a Taco birthday party for Jared (if you didn't know - he loves tacos!).

 I made these little cactus' out of clay.

 and this flag banner with the cricut.

 My attempt at cactus balloons.

 Complete with a nacho cheese fountain.

 We ordered in chicken, pastor, rice and beans and I made street corn salad and guacamole.

 I also made this cactus banner.

 These might be my favorite cupcakes to make!

 Of course there was a taco pinata.

Too much sugar!