Sunday, August 3, 2008

Confirmation of Due Date

After our 2nd ultrasound visit, the doctors are assured that my due date of Dec.18th is on target. The baby is growing on schedule and measures me to be 20 weeks, so that's what we'll stick with!
Because of that time of  year, I am hopeful to stay home for Christmas and have offered that Jared cook Christmas dinner and whoever can come would be great!

We are finally off for some holiday time for the next two weeks!
We start at Hornby Island for 2 nights, then to Long Beach for 3 nights and then head to Castlegar for 4 nights. On our way home we will stop in Vancouver to pick up 4 canvas' that I'm having printed of our photos from Europe, finally we will have some art on the wall - I can't wait!

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