Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the holidays are over

We are just finally putting away our Christmas decorations and finally getting the house clean again after all the festivities.
Just a quick update on things in our family - last month brought a lot of medical visits for Aubrey as she had her 2 month shots - she did really well, after the initial cry she fell right asleep! Her next trip was to the hospital for a hip exam. They check the hips of babies that are first born, female and born breach, which she was all of - they did an ultrasound which was cool to see her hips/joints moving! All was fine, they said she was text book. The following visit was to the pediatric cardiologist to check for a slight heart murmur - which was also fine and should be nothing but we have to go back this month to have an eco-cardiogram just to make sure.
Of all the problems she could potentially have from being premature etc. she has escaped and is completely a normal, healthy and happy baby! She has just started smiling, but only when she is fully alert and usually after she's eaten.

We have 2 new projects to do on our house: our sunroom and replacing the railing along our stairs. We are carpeting (hopefully found some used carpet - we'll see tomorrow), putting up beadboard wainscotting and trim on the walls and painting the sunroom. We are attempting to put up a wood railing in place of the wrought-iron one that is too low and spaced too wide, also a baby gate can't be attached to the current one, so that's another reason it's getting replaced.

I also have to paint the closet doors for Aubrey's room and then her room will be done (well, I'm still looking for a pink chenille shag, round rug for her room - if anyone finds one, let me know!).

Well that is our plans for now - it was good to see so many people over Christmas!

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Tracey said...

Sounds like you are really busy. We are going to paint our suite soon, we have already bought the paint, just need to find time now.