Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a Week!

Nothing gets your house and yard in shape then preparing for a wedding - let me tell you!
Jared's brother Dave and his fiance Ali are getting married this Friday and their reception on Saturday in our backyard (family don't forget you are all invited). Thanks to my parents who were here starting Sunday night and just left this afternoon! The front and side walkways were poured thanks to my dad. A flower bed was created, planted and mulched, weeding was done thanks to mom and dad also. Our sunroom is now finished and I'll be taking "after" photos tomorrow. Garbage from the yard was removed thanks to Brent and my kitchen was tidy and organized thanks to Julianne! Oh - and my baby swing came out of hiding thanks to Owen! All I have left to do is a little tidying in the house, the guest bedroom made up for Jared's mom and some recycling to do and I'm finally done. I'm exhausted but I got to take a quick break when I had a wedding consultation in Beacon Hill Park tonight. I got to take Aubrey for a walk through the park and it was a great break from the house.

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