Monday, December 21, 2009

New Office!

In trying to get organized and the house cleaned up for the holidays (and baby proofing) we've been trying to figure out what to put in our sunroom and what to take out. We just got rid of the 2 white beds that I used for photography and for extra seating. They were just making the room look too small and they weren't portable enough to use for photos, so they're gone. The computer area was a source of frustration as Aubrey likes to pull herself up and play with the keyboard and everything on the desk, which is quite small, therefore everything is at the edge. So I knew it needed to be moved and needed a solution. I moved it into the little nook of the room which is actually and entrance to the front sunroom area, but since that's storage I put a bookshelf in the doorway to block it off and put my desk beside it. Now I have way more storage space for things that I didn't have room on the little desk for. Plus I can put up a baby gate across the front of the office area as it's only 4 feet wide. It's little, but does the trick. Now I just need to find a wooden baby gate that is wall mounted - anyone have one? The wardrobe that use to be where the bookshelf is now has been moved beside the freezer and holds all my photography props plus 2 lights - so now I can safely put them out of the way!

Also, I just got new props! The Empress was having a staff furniture sale today and tomorrow and so we bought an old leather arm chair that is quite whimsical that was from the Bengal Lounge, an ottoman and an upholstered rectangle stool - all for $40. I'm very excited about the leather chair as it will be great for a formal portrait, newborn baby, small child or for maternity.


leardonsbelle said...

I'm so happy for you. I love the sound of your new props!

Julianne said...

Awesome! The office looks great, and those props sound fantastic! ....what did you do with the white beds?

Shannon & Jared said...

we gave the beds away.