Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Wise Friend came for a visit!

We went up to Darren & Shelli's last night for dinner and to celebrate Noelle and Tate's birthdays. It was a lot of fun but Aubrey had the most fun I think! Tate was given some wooden building blogs and Aubrey had the best time knocking them over then laughing at her delight in the destruction! Darren got it on video. Just after we got home and put Aubrey to bed I looked out our living room window and notice quite a large dark object sitting on the neighbors fence, then I saw it move slighting and I knew it must be an owl. I got the camera out and Jared and I crept up to it and took some photos. It just sat there staring at us. It's amazing how they cant turn their heads around 180 degrees - and kind of creepy!

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