Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I did it!

I finally learned how to crochet and I first made this green hat with a little brim. It called for a flower on it, but I liked the button better. I then tried to make one the next size up hoping it would fit Aubrey, but I used the wrong hook by mistake and ended up with one that was too big for me!
Today I made this brown one and made up some little ears for it. I think it turned out ok. They are both newborn sizes. I'm hoping to use them in my next newborn photo shoots!


leardonsbelle said...

So cute! I love the green one with a button. I wish I could make a hat like it!

Justin and Rachel said...

I also LOVE the green one (but they're both cute). Are you going to make hats to sell?

Shannon & Jared said...

thank you!
I wasn't going to sell them. They take a few hours to make and I could never charge enough to cover my time!
I just made them to use as props for my newborn shoots. I had been looking for some or someone to make me some and that wasn't happening so I figured I'd better just do it myself!

Shelli said...

Shannon!!! So cute! I want a green one for myself! Guess I will have to give crocheting another try.

Dmoore said...