Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Aubrey

I'd like to take this occasion to journal a few things about Aubrey:
You are so busy that we are shocked when you sit and play with one toy for longer than 2 minutes! You take everything in, every moving object, every sound. You laugh at things that are actually funny. You are saying a lot of words like shoes, baby, walk, book, juice, milk, please, fish, duck, and I'm sure a lot more. You aren't quite speaking in sentances but you will say "walk - shoes - go" when you want to go for a walk. You're getting better at saying please and "more please". You use "more" for "other" like instead of say "where did the other shoe go?" you say "shoe, more?" You love eating and eat a lot of foods. You love raw veggies but not a lot of meat - mainly chicken strips. Recently you've started eating nuts and trail mix (which is good since you don't eat a lot of meat!). You are getting so good at swimming. Daddy dunked you under water last week. You like to put your hands on the bottom of the kiddie pool and let the rest of your body float with your chin barely above the water. You love splashing and being splashed.
You love watching other little kids and are easily motivated to copy what they are doing.
You love TV a little TOO much! But it's funny to watch you laugh at it and copy the character's actions as you see them. (She does the yogo moves on Waybaloo).
Your last tooth (molar) broke through this last week and now you're a full chomping machine.
Shopping and going to restaurants are not so fun anymore as you are completely independent and want to do everything yourself. As soon as we reach any stairs you turn to us and say "no" as if to say stop, don't help me, I can do it by myself. We are hoping you learn your independence quickly and get over the novelty!


leardonsbelle said...

She is getting so big!

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday Aubrey, Love from Auntie Shelli!