Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thrift finds this week

 I found this cotton pinstripe material that I'm going to use for bulletin board I'm making for my office wall.
 I found this pillow case that I'm going to use for a pillowcase dress for Aubrey. I think I'll trim the bottom with the above brown pinstripe material too.

 I found this tank top and I'm torn because I bought it for the purpose of making a handbag out of it. I found a tutorial on turning your old tank top into a bag - it will kind of look like this:

 I found another tank top (not for a purse)

I found this Billabong hoodie.
I found almost everything I went in looking for. I even found a little wooden kids table but it was in rough shape and needed painted but was $10 and I wanted to pay $5 so it stayed there. I'm just cheap.
I also found 5 books for Aubrey.

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Christina said...

I need to go thrifting with you- those are some great finds. That purse is going to be super cute too!