Thursday, April 5, 2012


I made this grey + blue T-strap sandals last night and I love them. Every time I make a pair I think I'll do a slightly different design or flower etc. There are some super cute patterns for sale out there - I might just have to buy a few! But for now I like the challenge of figuring it out myself.
 These sandals are for sale at Aubrey's Closet for $15 plus shipping (US - $2 and CAD - $3.50)

I made this little paper boy hat for a photo prop last night as well. I think it's super cute but the yarn I used is a bit scratchy though and I might have to make a liner for it!

Yesterday Aubrey and I painted some eggs. Aubrey was a little disappointed there wasn't any chocolate in them though.  I blew them out and then we used water colors and let the paint drip down the egg and dry. I think they're pretty. Mine is the one on the left and Aubrey's is on the right.

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Angela King said...

those eggs are very pretty! i love the watercolor idea. :)