Friday, July 13, 2012


I found a lady on craigslist that was selling a lot of dollhouse miniatures and I checked them out today. She had a dining room table FULL of stuff. It was so hard not to buy everything that I liked. I had to picture each of my rooms and think about what I was needing or missing from what I already had. This collection of miniatures was mostly well used, but really old and had a lot of charm.

Here's what I came home with:
 I gathered all my picks together and asked her for a price, she basically gave me all the accessories for free as the whole lot was $40. Some of these tiniest accessories are about $10 each new, nevermind the larger furniture! I think I got a deal! Here's some close ups of some of my favourite items. The things I didn't take a close up of are: baskets, dozen buns, basket of strawberries, ceramic pot with brooms etc. mini bust, ship ornament, toast rack, towels, wind chime, bathroom towel rack, china cabinet, grandfather clock and 2 lamps.

 The next room I'm doing is the library/art room. I love this little ink well and feather!

 Look at this necklace, shoes and doll - all made in England.

 This is what I really came for! desk and chair! Bonus is the lamp, book, newspaper, paper weight and the Bible is a fully printed working book!

 This secretariat even folds down for a desk.

 This might be my favourite thing: A mini dollhouse for a dollhouse!
I've seen a couple tiny ones in the stores, they were just solid wood carved into little houses with not much detail, but this one is a similar style to my house and . . .

It's FULLY functioning! the outside lifts off!

Now I am motivated to get working again on it, now that I have a lot more items for the library to get started on!

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