Sunday, April 14, 2013


I had to do a little research for a photo shoot coming up this weekend so Aubrey and I visited the Japanese Gardens and San Jose History Museum this past week.

The History museum is free during the week and $8 on the weekend. All the buildings are closed during the week though except for this little place that had a few facts including how much water is used to produce certain foods. You put the food on the scale and it lights up the board according to how much water it uses. Aubrey seemed to like it. There was also a little candy shop open where you can buy old fashioned sodas.

I liked this old gas station

Aubrey liked this little trolly and played on it for what seamed like ever!

Old tractor

Then next door was the Japanese Gardens which was free.

They had little vending machines with fish/duck food in them. I never have change or cash on me so naturally Aubrey found spilt food below the machines, scooped them up and fed them anyways.

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