Thursday, June 6, 2013


Last week on Jared's day off, both Aubrey and I wanted a beach day so we headed to Santa Cruz and ended up going a little south of SC to Aptos. We went to Sea Cliff State Beach where we found some free street parking and hiked down the long steps to the beach.
There was a long pier with people fishing off of it and at the end was this huge sunken ship which was a bird sanctuary.

 There were lots of pelicans too.

The steps up to parking

 Jared did most of the sand castle building.

 Waiting for the water to rush up the channel and around the castle - but it was an uphill battle and never quite made it.

 Aubrey is a little scared of the waves, but after a good couple hours she finally warmed up to them and wanted to play.

She got a little too wet!

 After playing at the beach we went to this pizza place: Pizza 1 that a friend reccomended.
It was amazingly good!

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