Monday, September 9, 2013


It was Carnival Day at the hotel last Saturday for a fundraiser. Jared called me that morning to let me know it was going and so we went! I'm glad we went because with Jared working, we were looking for something to do on this 90 degree day!

Outside they had 3 bouncy houses, all the carnival food you could eat, ice cream treats, cotton candy and snow cones. There were carnival games as well as entertainment inside like clowns, magicians and a band! There weren't a lot of people there so it was pleasant!

Then we had to wait a bit for Jared to get off work, so we found some shade:
 Walked across the street to the fountains:

And then I saw that there was a photography exhibit next door at the art museum, Aubrey was free and it was the last day, so we went!
She even found some coloring to do.

It was a pretty fun day for not planning anything!

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