Saturday, March 7, 2015


I've completed a lot of projects so far but that's only because I can do them while sitting. I have no energy for all the things that really need to get done like cleaning! Tidying is ok but I've been putting off cleaning Aubrey's room for a few reasons. One being it just won't stay clean long enough to make it worth it, and it involves a lot of bending! The house is always a mess and it has annoyed me so much more being pregnant than not for some reason. Every day at 5pm I get really angry and irritated. Probably because I'm hungry! The messy house makes me really mad at this time of day. 

Anyway, here's my projects:

Going home shirt

And Shoes

And a hat. 

And while I was at it, a crochet hook case. 

Some photo props


A little sweater to go with the blessing dress. 

A spring pillow case dress for Aubrey. 

A nursing cover out of the same sheets. 

And lastly, a wrap and headband for a photo prop. Phew, I think I'm done. I guess I should clean. 

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