Sunday, November 29, 2015


Yesterday we went to the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco for their Gingerbread Open House and to see Santa. The gingerbread house was massive! They served us hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies while we waited in line for Santa.
It was a small miracle that both Aubrey and Harper sat on Santa's lap and were happy!
Last year was the first year Aubrey would even go near Santa and we weren't sure what Harper would think. She wanted to stay on his lap all day! She liked pulling on his beard and then just looked back at him as we pulled her off his lap. 

 There was a little corner and write letters to Santa.

Then we headed down to Pier 35 to check out the Etsy Indie Holiday Emporium. There were 180 Etsy vendors there and about 40K+ people! It was crazy busy and we learned pretty quickly that it wasn't going to work with a stroller and a child who didn't want to be there. Jared took the kids to Pier 39 and watched a magic show and watched the sea lions until I was done.
I only bought some air plants and a hanging air plant holder.

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