Saturday, November 19, 2016


 Aubrey's Invitation (we just posted it on Facebook)
On our way to the Spartan race last weekend we stopped really quickly at the Oakland Temple to take some photos. The sun was going down quickly and it was cold but managed to get a handful.

Today at her baptism:

 Trying to take some photos of Aubrey quickly before changing and for once in her life - Harper wanted in on the photo too!

 I asked Jared if that was all the jumpsuits they had and he said no, but it was so awesomely 70's that he had to wear it - thanks Jared ;)

After the Baptism we took Aubrey to the mall for dinner, arcade, and dessert. She also got her ears pierced. She broke down and cried after the first ear after holding off the tears for a good 5 seconds. But some frozen yogurt fixed everything!

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