Thursday, May 21, 2009

7 Months Old

Aubrey is 7 months old today, time has gone by fast. She is almost catching up to her adjusted age! She's almost got eating rice cereal down pat and we hope to start her on veggies tonight (probably carrots). She always watches us eat and makes me feel guilty that I get to eat things and she doesn't! She mimics us opening and closing her mouth when we eat. She still hasn't rolled over, although has come really close. I think she just doesn't want to, she knows it means being on her stomach, so why would she? She will immediately roll off her stomach to her back though. She doesn't mind being on her stomach quite as much as she did at first, which is good. She moves around on her play mat like crazy, doing complete circles in minutes. She has found out that if she moves enough to get her feet off the mat and onto the carpet or wood floor, she can really make some noise hitting her feet on the floor. Sneezing makes her laugh. Usually after every sneeze she giggles a little or smiles and makes a funny face. She laughs when I open her diaper and it's poopy, like she knows that I'm not happy about it. She has two little bottom-middle teeth that are almost fully in and razor sharp as I found out when putting orajel on her top gums as she chomped down on my finger nail!
All in all, she is almost always happy, smiling at every stranger in the store, sleeps well both day and around 10 hours at night. Watch out when she starts crawling and walking, I think we're going to have our hands full!

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