Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Sunroom/Studio: Before and During renovations

Our Sunroom when we first bought the house. The fridge is now gone and a small chest freezer is in it's place.

Here is a photo of the same end of the room, but slightly different angle. We put up bead board paneling and painted out the brick, put down carpet and added curtains. We have yet to put up the moulding on the top and bottom of the paneling and then paint everything. I put up the black curtain rod in front of the brick to use to hold my photography backdrops. We still have to hang the basket chair up as well. The other end has a couch with a sheet hanging down from the ceiling behind it to block off a small part for storage that we have yet to get rid of.

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Tracey said...

It looks great. Can't wait to see it. That must make your house feel soooo much bigger.