Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally - a pair a shoes that work!

After many attempts at making baby shoes, I've figured it out thanks to Martha Stewart! You may recall my first attempt which was a knitted bootie that Jared likes to call a steam ship, thus I never made a 2nd shoe! Then the next one was a felt shoe that I tried to make the pattern for myself and looked like an elf shoe because the top was larger then the bottom making it curl once sewn together! Then I tried making a sandal out of felt, which would have worked if I used stiff felt. So now I have 3 individual shoes without a match until now. I looked up the pattern on Martha Stewarts website and adapted it into my own creation. They actually fit Aubrey. Now my plan is to make some more durable prototypes using double thicknesses, and using a sewing machine instead of by hand. I have found some pretty adorable shoes online that have inspired me.

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Tracey said...

Shannon, they are soooo cute. Can you make me a pair, only a lot bigger? :)