Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally the pool is up . . . kinda!

During the first hot days of summer I really wanted a pool in the backyard and we borrowed one from Jared's dad but it didn't get set up until now - well, Jared filled it up full then we went out and it had poured out as it wasn't level so it only had a bit of water left in it. It was perfect for Aubrey to sit in and play though. Her first experience in water besides baths was at Beaver Lake last week, but she didn't like being dangled over the water and it scared her. But she loved sitting in the pool and splashing. Now the pool is moved to inside the gazebo area on the pavers, it's still not perfectly level but good enough to keep the water in. Now we just have to hope for hot weather so it heats up and warrants using.

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