Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Outside

Does she know how to pose or what? Actually this is the face she makes almost 80% of the time.

Now that the weather is a bit warmer I've been trying to get Aubrey playing outside more. Our backyard is pretty mucky though so I bought her some rain pants, rain jacket and some gum boots which are still a size to big for her - but they don't make size 4 gum boots so I put slippers on her feet first and then put 'em into the gum boot and it seems to be working. It's funny watching her walk around in them though. She doesn't like touching the grass, which is a good and a bad thing. Good because once she falls down and is on her bum, she won't move. She won't touch the grass with her hands so she can't push herself back up or crawl - so she stays put. But I don't want her to be scared of grass so we keep trying. Today she sat in one spot for probably 25 mins. while Jared gathered up all the garden waste to take to them dump.
I don't have time right now to scrapbook any of her photos, so you might see them again later.
I have 2 weddings that I have to edit photos for - that's over 1500 photos.


Tracey said...

She is sooooooo cute.

leardonsbelle said...

Gorgeous pictures! She is so cute. Wow that is a lot of wedding pictures.