Monday, April 12, 2010


We left on Sunday at 3pm from Victoria to San Fransisco, it was very windy there and we took extra time waiting to land. The last 20 mins was straight turbulence and everyone was happy to get off the plane. We stayed at Mandalay Bay which is on the south end of the strip, it has over 3000 rooms and was very nice. Brad & Dana had arrived earlier in the day and were at Blue Man Group when we arrived.

This was the back side, it had this smaller pool as well as a larger wave pool and beach side with sand and a lazy river that had current to float along with.

One of my favorite of the very large hotels on the strip - The Venetian. It looks so amazing and so much like Venice.
The inside was just amazing as they made it feel like you were walking along the canals, complete with Gondola rides. They painted the ceiling to make it feel like you are outside.

The Paris Paris hotel was just as amazing with it's Eiffel Tower replica which we went up (did actually go up the real one!) for amazing views:

We watched the fountain shows a few times which started about every 30 mins and was set to music. We also watched it from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

We did a lot of shopping, and walking to see all the big hotels, as well as Freemont Street.
We ate at only one buffet - at Paris Paris which was excellent. We saw a Penn & Teller show which was very good and funny as well as a comedy club.
Our flights home were good but we had over a 2 hour wait at the Vancouver airport just for a 20 mins flight back to Victoria. Sorry there aren't any photos of any people, I don't like posing in front of every main attraction!


leardonsbelle said...

Look like a great trip! Love the pictures.

Julianne said...

Awesome! Next trop i expect at least one photo of you infront of a main attraction. :) I want to know how the shopping went?!

Shannon & Jared said...

It was good, I bought 4 pairs of shoes, a trench coat, shirt. Some clothes for Aubrey and 3 pairs of shoes for her! Two of which were baby Vans, very cute.