Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back in Victoria

We drove down to the Peace Arch border yesterday, got there about noonish, waited in the line for about 1.5 hours then went inside to apply for Jared's work VISA. We waited in line there for about 45 mins and then once he submitted everything we waited for another 2.5 hours after which they came out and said we are denying your VISA, we can't tell you why and we're sending you back to Canada. Meanwhile, it was a new building with no open washrooms, no water, no garbage cans and we weren't allowed to leave the building the whole time! This was all during Aubrey's nap time and she was a bit crazy. I used up all my diapers and all my food. They took Jared into a room with cells, finger printed him, took his photo etc. and then sent us back into Canada. After some prying, they said they didn't think that the job he was going to meets the requirements for getting the VISA, which is ridiculous because they do this in Fairmont all the time. One of the guys Jared will be working with in Seattle did the exact same thing - move from the Empress to Olympic - to the same or lesser position. He called the hotel there and talked to this guys (mentioned above) and he said that someone in their accounting department traveled all the way from Alberta and got denied at the border and had to go all the way home - but they are obviously there now. So the case goes to CIS - Customes Immigration Services and they get the final say if the VISA gets approved or denied, but that could take up to 3 weeks.
So now we have to leave in a packed house for 3 weeks and will have to put our stuff in storage down there which means we might end up moving it all down ourselves, putting it in storage ourselves as we'd have to pay for the storage.
It was a 12 hour round trip and we never got farther then the border.
Aubrey has pink eye so we couldn't let her play with the toys on the ferry or touch anyone, and then the same thing at customs which was just a big cement room with one big hard wooden bench. Fun times.


Christina said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you guys- immigration can be such a pain in the butt!

The pictures/finger printing is standard for US visa's now- Nilesh had to have it done just to get a visa to switch planes in the us- they even did an eye scan!

leardonsbelle said...

I am so sorry! We are going through all that stuff right now. I hope that it all works out! My stuff is in storage in Vancouver because they wouldn't allow it across. It definitely isn't any fun!

Justin and Rachel said...

That sounds like a torture session! :( Silly border. Hope everything is resolved SOON!

Tracey said...

That sucks. If you want to hang out, just call. We are here this week but gone next.

Julianne said...

Oh that is just sick. I seriously have a bad taste in my mouth. Well that hotel better call there people and make some connections Dang it! I'm am out raged!