Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Paint or Not to Paint?

(sorry this is the best photo I have of it!)

I have this hutch (the bottom half of a hutch) that I really like for the functionality. Appearance wise it's a little dated and worn. I like the shape of it, it kind of has a vintage look to it, it has clean lines etc. I wasn't planning on moving it with us because we're going to be buying new furniture and I want to change styles slightly and go a little more modern/vintage/traditional mix and I didn't think it would really fit in. But here's what I'm thinking . . . painting it high gloss white, inside and out, making it feel more modern - what do you think??
I really like using it, it has front sliding doors and on one side it has two pull out drawers: one with lined compartments for cutlery and another open drawer for glasses and smaller things.
Does anyone have any suggestions for paint type? I'd love to send it out and get it painted with a sprayer to get a nice smooth finish ($$) or I could just spray paint it but that sounds like it might take a lot of cans! What should I do?
I kind of want to do it before we move out of the house this next weekend while I still have a driveway to do it in or it might never get done - anyone want to help??


The Hatch Family said...

I love it Shannon and I would totally paint it! I have become a bit obsessed with refinishing old furniture lately.
Check out www.whiteberry and
for some inspiration. It really doesn't take long at all to add a few coats of paint. I can always email you the paint specifics for what I use.

Shannon & Jared said...

Thanks for the websites Sheri!
Have you painted furniture high gloss before? I've heard it's hard to get a professional smooth finish yourself - if you can send me your paint specifics, that would be awesome!

leardonsbelle said...

Good luck! It is a cute hutch and I think it will look good painted.

MS. Lyle-Mason said...

The high gloss finish is a great idea. Have you considered the colour black?

If you spray it outside, watch out for bugs landing on the wet paint, they seem to be drawn to fresh paint.

Shannon & Jared said...

Thanks Sandra, I have considered black. I think I better wait until I know where we're moving to and what else is going to be in the room before I decide.