Monday, April 11, 2011

more painting

I'm practicing some of the characters I need to paint on the wall, on paper first. I've never really painted anything before, much less on a wall. It's not great, and I have to trace the outlines first to get the proportions right, but I think it will be cute enough for kids! Now I kind of want to paint a big tree on the wall in Aubrey's room - going up the corner behind her bed and then have the tree canopy spread onto the ceiling. I'd then add an owl and some of the other characters from the book I'm taking these from. That way I wouldn't have to do a whole wall. I have leftover brown paint from our walls I can use for the tree, so I might just try it. I'm a little scared though because if it doesn't work out I'll have to paint over it quite a bit to get rid of it.


Julianne said...

a new discovered talent! Go for it!

Palmer Family said...

You are WAY more talented than I am at painting on the walls and my turned out pretty good! Do it! It will look so good!