Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thift Finds this Week

I like thrift store shopping days. Aubrey wakes up from her nap and we head out the door to the thrift shop. I get to shop, she gets to play with all the toys (and with the purel after!) and then we usually go to McDonalds after for some chicken nuggets and play time. Today we went to to shops. One had 50% of red tag items (none of mine had red tags - oh well) and the other had 50% off winter clothes (non of which I bought) but I had a filled punch card so I got 30% off m whole bill, so that was nice.

My finds: A kids dishes, plates set - I already have a tea set and a pot set, but this whole thing was $4 and I know our nursery is looking for better toys and complete sets, so I picked this up partially for them. It came with a drying rack and a hand egg beater and the pots were bigger then the ones I had so I did a little swapping with some of my old stuff and the nursery will still be getting a big set and I get a few new things: win - win. Bigger rain boots for Aubrey, she's almost outgrown hers. A dress, a skirt and a pair of sandals for her. I found some sandals too, a few shirts, a couple plastic tote (I really needed), a vintage little casserole dish, and some toys. I found a lot of books. It seems every time I go I find a new Dr. Seuss book I didn't have. I found the "I am a Bunny" book that we had as kids, that I love, quite a few Little Critter books and some Curious George. I'm pretty good at scanning the shelves for the particular set I'm looking for and I stick to those. An employee was stocking the book shelf as I was there and every handful he put on the shelf, I then picked up and found at least one book I was looking for.

 Mom - I didn't find the Dr. Seuss book you are looking for. I found "Are you my mother", "Put me in the Zoo" (the large version of the little one you gave us) and then the sequel: "New Tricks I Can Do" which I've never  heard of before
Aubrey had to have the toy jigsaw!

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