Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Potty Training

Well, the last few days Aubrey has shown great interest in using the potty. Her friend who's the same age is potty trained and Aubrey likes to do everything she does, so why not this? She doesn't like the little Ikea potty we got, instead she likes the insert on the big toilet better. It's a little more tricky as it requires a stool up to the toilet and some balance, but she does it quite well and insists on doing it all by herself. She has used it consistently during the day for the last two days and will go anytime I take her. Tonight I just bought her some real underwear and we're all set now. I let her pick her underwear out, but my fear came true: she wanted the boys underwear! She loves the movie Cars and right next to the girly underwear were the boys Cars underwear and once she saw it - game over! Finally I got her focused and made her pick a pack. We also bought a new soap pump just for her to make the whole process more fun.  So my questions is: What are your tips? Do you let them pee all over the house at first?


Sanderson Five said...

Yay for Potty Training! My advice is that if she will go on command then take her every hour. Lex knew how to "make" herself go, so I just took her every hour, if she didnt go, then back we'd go every 20 mins until she had success. After a week, we started to stretch the time period. She has been trained for about 18 months now and i STILL take her to the bathroom a few times a day when I feel like she should go, just to avoid any chance of an accident - she is almost 3 now and they tend to get distracted, especially while playing. Good Luck! Its so nice to be out of diapers!
Ps Lexies first set of underpants were Buzz lightyear. She is now onto Tangled and Hello Kitty... ;-)

The Wight Family said...

That's funny about the Buzz underpants!