Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A quick dinner

I'm always looking for a quick meal idea when I have to make dinner for just myself. Aubrey is somewhat picky. Although she eats almost every kind of vegetable, she doesn't eat a lot of meat. She does, however, like popcorn shrimp so we keep some in the freezer to add to her meals once and awhile. When Jared is working evenings I sometimes just throw leftover salad into a wrap (or whatever else is leftover in the fridge), so since Aubrey wanted some shrimp I threw that in too - kinda like a fish taco. It was simple and really good. I threw in what was in my fridge: lettuce, peppers, peas, radishes,  carrots and cheese along with a little ranch dressing.

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Rita Peck said...

so simple yet I would never thought of it. love the color