Sunday, October 23, 2011

aubrey is 3!

 I was so busy on her birthday with her party preparations, so I picked her up an easy bake (microwave) cake set.
 I tried to get some shots of her on her actually birthday, but she is by far my worst client!
 Opening up grandma and grandpas presents!
 Today Jared asked her if she was a silly monkey . . . she said silly rooster. Exactly!
 The party - I made way too many things, and ran out of time and space, but it was a success!

This morning before church I finally got a smiling shot of her!


Corrina Baker said...

Oh, I wish we were there. all that food looks fun. Happy Birthday Aubs.

Justin & Rachel Kingsley said...

Such a completely beautiful party! Love the food and all the decorations. She's a lucky little girl! :)

Shelli McCullough said...

Happy Birthday Aubrey! Shannon, you did a great job on the party!