Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wallace Falls

September 20th, we drove about an hour away to Wallace Falls and went for a hike. It took about 1hr and 40 mins to hike up to the middle of the 3 falls (which was the largest) as Aubrey needed to be carried on and off. It was a beautiful park and a nice day.
The river at the bottom of the falls - start of the hike.
Coaxing Aubrey along, we stopped for a rest.
Crossing over the river on a little bridge.
Almost at the lower falls we stop at a clearing in the trees with a bit of a view.
We finally made it. Here is the lower falls and you can see just off in the distance the middle falls.
There was a covered picnic area at the lower falls were we stopped for a snack and noticed a lot of busy chipmunks scurrying around for food. We gave this one an almond so it would sit still long enough for a photo. (you're not suppose to feed the wild are you?).
Not too much further up was the middle falls - the largest of the 3. The 3rd falls weren't that much further but we were running short on time as I had to be back home for something. Jared carried Aubrey all the way back down as she was exhausted by that point. It only took us 40 mins to go down and Aubrey fell asleep in Jared's arms the last 20 mins - in the cradle position! His arms were sore!

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Julianne said...

amazing pictures! I love the first one the best :)