Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Frame project

Last night we had a RS activity on home decorating and I got a bunch of helpful tips, from refinishing furniture, upholstering a headboard, sewing ties on a duvet (to keep the cover in place) and decorating my master bedroom.  I also finally put together this window photo display. Just some nails, string and clothing pins. The pins were too new looking, so I did a crackle white finish on them so they would stand out from my dark wall and still look a little weathered. I took photos on my computer and added a Polaroid frame to them before printing to give it an older look.


Corrina Baker said...

I kind of liked the frame empty, but i'm all about less is more. looks great.

Rita Peck said...

I love it. I will have to try something like that with some of my pictures. Have been stumped with a frame for a while

Shelli McCullough said...

that is great!