Friday, September 9, 2011


I got 4 white shutters from craigslist for free a couple weeks ago. There were two sets (two different sizes). I saved one set to possibly make a headboard for Aubrey's bed one day. 
I painted one, took the hinges off and then nailed it together to form a shelf. 
I hung it in Aubrey's room, and tonight I bought 3 little knobs to attach to the bottom part so I can hang her hair clip holder and umbrella etc. from it.

Another craigslist find today: free 4'x6' school room chalkboard!
I really wanted a large board to use as a photo backdrop (you can write thought bubbles etc. behind a small child etc.) and this was certainly large enough. I ripped off the metal chalk holder edge as I'm using it vertically, but now I don't know how to finish it. Should I rip off all the molding and reframe it? Should I find a matching piece of molding and add it in the rails place? Should I mount the whole thing to the wall where it is and let Aubrey place with it, and use it for a memo board in the mean time? Any good ideas out there?? It's in pretty rough shape, so I might repaint it with black chalk board paint to freshen it up. It's not magnetic either - does anyone know how to make it magnetic??

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