Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Puyallup Fair

We went to the Puyallup Fair yesterday. We were there from 11am until just after 8pm. It takes about an hour to drive there from our place. First stop was the merry go round.

 It took some convincing to get her to go on some rides by herself, but after the first one, she was good to go!

 Pumpkin Carving.

 Jared was going to take her on the ferris wheel, but she was too short.

 She wanted to go on the trampoline so badly, but we couldn't decide if she was old enough. She met the requirements, but needed to be able to listen to directions. After watching for a while and seeing her excitement and then watching another little girl her age go on, we decided to let her do it. She had so much fun!

 last time I took her to the petting zoo, she would have nothing to do with touching them, but this time she loved it. She got to pet baby goats, baby rabbit and some baby chicks.

 We had to try at least one deep fried specialty item each. Jared got the deep fried snickers and I got chocolate covered bacon - while mine tasted ok, it was cold and kinda weird. I was disappointed.

 Walking through the farm animal area, there were bins everywhere which had this label. 
Not something you see everyday.

 They had free face painting. Aubrey was hesitant to have her face painted and after some coaxing she decided to have it on her leg. She really wanted a dragon, so the lady made it look girly for her.

 There were two things I havn't had for over 10 years (last time I went to a fair): corn dogs and cotton candy. We had both. I think the cotton candy made me feel sick last night!

 I wanted to stick around for the lights to turn on the rides so I could get some photos. I only brought my camera phone, so I was happy that they turned out ok.

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Rita Peck said...

looks like a ton of fun.