Friday, November 25, 2011

advent calendar update

I revamped my mantle and had to retake the photos:

Well, it took me all day yesterday, but I sewed 25 stockings for our felt board nativity scene advent calendar.  I was having a hard time thinking of a way to wrap each piece as they were all different sizes and couldn't be folded. Then I came across this stocking idea using socks and I thought it was great but I didn't want to buy socks so I made stockings out of felt I already had. I like this idea because now I can reuse it every year (unlike wrapping paper etc.). It's also a great way for Aubrey to learn her numbers. 

 Which one looks better? (Above) minimal or (Below) with snowflake wreath?
I went to the dollar store today and picked up two different size snowflakes and glued them on to wreath frame I made from shaping a wire coat hanger into a circle. I also picked up the the little white birds. I still want to make a wreath out of clothe pins to clip Christmas cards onto, but that's still in the works.


Rita Peck said...

you amaze me. Everything you do looks out of a magazine. Wow.

Shelli McCullough said...

I like both ways! If you get sick of the snowflake wreath just take it away. If you don't, you know you like it.

Ali said...

I love your Dollar Store finds! I love the Dollar Store-such amazing treasures to be found, glad I ran into you there!!