Thursday, November 24, 2011

last of the felt food? For now.

Last night I finished my peas and made some fortune cookies. I was given the take out container with some cookies inside and thought it would be great to hold some fortune cookies for Aubrey to play with. The cookies were by far the easiest of the felt foods to make!

 Cut out circle ( I used an individual yogurt cup), fold in half and sew the curved edges together. You can include a felt or paper piece sticking out for the fortune. Then fold in half and stitch to hold in place. That's it!
 For the peas, I cut out two pea shell pieces and stitched all around leaving an opening for the peas. To make the peas I cut out circles then baste stitched around the edge of the circle and cinched to form a little ball. I glued the peas in the pod.

 I also finished my quiet book. I have had all materials for a long time and delayed it, wondering if Aubrey was too big for it, but I decided she wasn't and I could always add or replace pages with more challenging subjects. I used the stiff felt for the pages, and regular cheap felt for the shapes.
I had found all these page inspirations online and forgot that I had also saved the actual templates - so I did it the hard way, from eye. I should have used the templates. They are here.
 Season tree: Green leaves, flowers, fall leaves.

 Counting petals and hair clips

 Tying a bow and hanging laundry

 Write a letter and basket weaving.

and of course a felt board doll with clothes.


Cate said...

That is so sweet Shannon! I bet Aubrey will love it. It totally reminds me of one that my mom made me when I was little. I loved that thing and played with it long after I should have outgrown it. :)

Julianne said...

I love this soft book so much! Great Job Shannon!

Ali said...

I want one of these for Nixon, but have no sewing talent so I keep looking at them online to buy. Yours turned out so good, love it!