Monday, January 30, 2012


Update: We got the photo that the photographer at the Gala took of us:

This weekend was Jared's work "Christmas" party. As I was painting my toenails, Aubrey insisted in hers being done too and chose pink.

Above is an ice bar and a scary stilt walker.
I've had a busy week trying to find something to wear. The theme was casino, so I had to find something sparkly. I couldn't find a sequin jacket etc. so I settled on sparkly shoes instead.
 I love Ross. I found this black dress ($15) and shrug ($8).

 From Down East Basics I found this pretty ring and some earrings.

Here are our free photo booth photos.
We had the event photographer take a photo of us too, so we'll wait and see how that turned out!

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Julianne said...

LOVE! You guys look GREAT!