Saturday, January 21, 2012


I found the idea (on Pinterest of course) here and the DIY for it here.
I liked the idea and I already had 2 yellow pillow cases I was using on my couch (they are a lot brighter then shown in these photos). I also had picked up a new package of letter stencils at the thrift shop for $0.99 a while ago and all that was needed was a sharpie for fabric which I picked up at staples. It was a marker for labeling clothes, so is washable. It kind of has a potato sack stencil feel to it, which is also forgiving! That little pack of cardboard stencils I found has been so useful - I used the numbers for a template on my advent stockings, for these pillows and I plan to use it on some new burlap stockings I'd like to make before next Christmas (If Jared let's me get away with burlap - he says it's not soft and comfy. Who knew a stocking had to be!). Anyway, I also want to make a growth chart for Aubrey out of jute webbing found here.


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