Saturday, May 25, 2013


 Not too far from us is this really great park that has lots of trails throughout it. 
We didn't walk too much of, just looked around, played in the playground and checked out the little discovery center.

 There were hundreds of these ground squirrels everywhere, making tunnels under the ground.
At one point there was a small section of ground moving under the wood chips at the playground.
We think it was one of these or a mole tunneling around. They were very friendly and hopped right up on our picnic table looking for food!

 There were also a lot of blue jays
 Inside the discovery center was lots of stuffed birds and animals and a small live section with owls, snakes, spiders and chinchillas.

 Aubrey finally got brave enough to pet the chinchilla, but didn't even want her to take out the tarantula!

 We started to walk down one trail, but Aubrey fell and scraped herself up pretty good . . .
. . . So we had to leave!

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