Saturday, May 25, 2013


Last Monday we drove out to Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas for the day.
(Warning - LOTS of photos ahead!)
 We had a picnic lunch on the beach and then walked around the boardwalk.

 We could hear these sea lions from across the bay.

 Pretty much the only ride Aubrey could go on.

Then we drove down the coastline just North of the boardwalk. There's a lighthouse which is a surf museum and a point that the waves wrap around and there were lots of surfers out.

 There's no close beach access and it's all cliff so they would hop over the fence and jump off!

 Surf museum


 Sea lions and pelicans!

Then we continued south to Monterey, we just drove through and wanted to drive past Pebble Beach golf course but it was a tolled road so we just went straight to Carmel.

Main beach at Carmel:

There was a huge sand hill that Aubrey loved to run and roll down.

 Our only glimpse of Pebble Beach!

Then we walked around Carmel which is a really cute place. We were looking for dinner, but couldn't find anything family friendly.

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