Thursday, July 10, 2014


We started out our trip a day early and left right after work on Saturday to get a head start.
We stayed overnight in Bakersfield, CA.
 The next morning we drove through Tehachapi, where Jared had served part of his mission.
It was a long boring drive through the desert and our air conditioning started to cut in and out.

We made it to Las Vegas and after checking in to our hotel we found a garage right away and took it there the next morning. 

 We stayed at Tahiti Village which was a great family friendly place just past the end of the strip.
 It was 103-112F the whole time we were there, so we spent a lot of time in the pool even though it was too warm to be refreshing.

 There was a sandy beach entrance to play in and there was also a lazy river which was a bit cooler.

One night we went to a Luau for dinner. The food was ok, but the entertainment was fun and Aubrey loved it.

 This guy was world's best limbo.

Then we drove to the strip and went for dinner then to a Cirque de Soleil show called Zarkana.

 We tried walking around outside but it was too hot, so we stayed in Paris Paris and walked around and ate dinner early at the buffet and just sat there for a while.

 I didn't bring my camera because online it said no photos, but once we got there, they said we could take photos so I was pretty upset. Camera phone will have to do.

 This was sand art like one guy did on America's Got Talent.

 This was one of Aubrey's favorite parts. She had watched the Cirque de Soliel movie on Netflix many times, and this was on the movie.

Then we walked around outside because although it was not cooler, the sun had gone down so it was better. We walked through the Bellagio Hotel.

 Then went outside to watch the fountain show.
 And then we watched it again from the other side.

They worked on the car all day the next day and by 7pm (their closing time) they still hadn't fixed it but were close. They stayed until 10pm to fix it for us. They thought they fixed it so we decided to take it for a drive to see. We wend and found the Temple.

But it stopped working....again. So we stayed one more night then expected and took it back in to be fixed. We stayed at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel because it was actually the cheapest we could find.
It was really nice and the beds were like laying in clouds they were so fluffy.

And the bathtub was so huge that Aubrey swam in it all morning.
Jared took the car in to the garage and was going to wait as it was suppose to only take a few hours at most. After a couple hours of waiting to hear from him Aubrey and I checked out of the hotel, checked our luggage and went for breakfast and wandered around the hotel. It was a couple huge blocks from the strip, and super hot so we didn't walk around, just stayed inside.
There wasn't much to do and it didn't look like Jared would be coming back to get us any time soon so we took a cab to Mandalay Bay.

We went to the Shark Reef:

Then we walked around in the hotel and looked in some shops

We continued to walk into the Luxor (it's nice that there's at least 3 hotels connected to each other so we didn't have to walk outside).
 Then we took the tram to Excalabur where we played some arcade games and had lunch.
Then we walked back to Mandalay Bay - still no word from Jared so we took the tram again, and again because Aubrey loved it. Then we went to New York, New York and went in the Hershey store.

Finally at 7:30pm Jared came and picked us up. He had spent all day at the shop or in McDonalds waiting for the car - but it was fixed. We left immediately and headed for St. George, UT.

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