Thursday, July 10, 2014


Day 6 we spent the whole day at Temple Square.

 We started in the Joseph Smith Building

 Then we went down the street to the Lion/Beehive House

 Then we had to walk three blocks to Crown Burger for lunch. Then back to Temple Square.

Then we went to the Church History Museum

 Next we check out the Assembly Hall (above) and the Tabernacle.

 The Visitors Center

And the Conference Center

On the day we left, we drove by the Draper Temple on our way out of town.
We drove our longest day to Reno - 8.5 hours where we stayed the night before heading home.
We always seem to do way too much in one trip, but it was nice to see so many things and make our time worthwhile!


Anna said...

How did you guys like Crown Burger (did you get the pastrami burger)?

Shannon Wight said...

It was good! I didn't get the pastrami but Jared did and loved it!