Sunday, January 4, 2015


We drove down to Newport Beach with Jared's brother Kyle. We told AUBREY we were just showing him around and taking a little trip. When we got to the hotel we told her we were actually going to Disneyland for the next two days. 

Yesterday we did Disneyland and today we are doing California Adventure. 

After Splash Mountain AUBREY was completely soaked from waist down. 

So I bought her new underwear and used her sweater as a skirt. We tied her pants to the backpack and hoped they would dry but it was too cold and they never did so we bought her pants too. 

It was fun to see everything still decorated for Christmas. Although it was the busiest I've ever seen. 

I did a panoramic photo of this so it morphed Aubrey as she was moving during it. Kind of funny. 

We stayed until dinner time as it was cold and so busy. We decided to eat dinner outside the park and head back to the hotel so Aubrey could go swimming. 

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