Monday, October 27, 2008

She Arrived!

October 21st, at 7:32 pm Aubrey Jane Wight arrived by C-Section weighing 4lbs.

Friday evening at midnight, my water broke while I was in Parksville with my sister-in-laws for the evening, Tracey took me to the Nanaimo hospital where she called Jared at 1 am. His was in disbelief and needed some reassurance that she was not joking! He made it to the hospital in an hour, then he took me to Victoria Hospital as there were no signs of labour. They did some tests and an ultrasound - there was no hurry, everything looked good. On Tuesday morning we did another ultrasound that showed her foot was over my cervix and it was starting to open. I had also lost a lot of fluid around her, so after waiting all day, they finally decided to deliver her. After 30 mins or so, she arrived happy and healthy! I was able to hold her for a few minutes before they took her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit were she went to Level 2 (the middle of the 3 stages of care). She did not need to go on any oxygen, just a tiny IV for antibiotics and a tube down her nose to feed her milk. Yesterday she got moved to Level 1 so is doing really well. She has no IV or tubes and has started nursing and bottle feeding. She will hopefully be taken out of her incubator in a week or 2 as long as she gains weight and maintains a good temperature.

We are very blessed to have her so soon and healthy. She's a beautiful little girl and we couldn't be happier!

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