Thursday, October 15, 2009


We drove from Port Angeles along the coastline through Washington to Oregon

This is along the coastline in the Olympic National Park

Going across the Astoria Bridge into Oregon

Inside the living room of our beach house rental in Seaside. The sliding doors are the front door.

The little kitchen. I don't have a photo of the outside yet, as it's really stormy outside!

We drove down to Canon Beach (about 5 mins away) and it was so blustery - windy and wet. We drove out the a park that sat on a point out into the ocean and it was so windy that it probably would have knocked us over if we had gotten out. We've never experienced such strong winds!

Just to show how wet Jared was after being outside for 2 mins.

Canon Beach - you can see the wind picking up the sand and blowing it over the beach

So windy that the only thing not moving is the log

You can see the Haystack and needles (Rocks) in the foggy distance

We then drove back to Astoria which is about 15 mins north of Seaside, to check the town out a little better. Here is a view of the bridge again.

We found the house that was used in the Goonies movie, this was the sign at the bottom of the driveway, so Jared walked up and took a photo of the house while I waited in the car while Aubrey slept.

And here it is - the Goonies house


leardonsbelle said...

I love that coastline! I hope you have a great holiday. We drove through Astoria a few years ago but we weren't able to stop to see the Goonie house. Lucky you!

Julianne said...

beautiful landscape! I hope you guys see some better weather. and you need to lock jared out of that awesome place your staying and make him do the truffle shuffle to get in in true goonie style :)