Monday, October 19, 2009

Such a good girl!

I just have to say what a good natured baby Aubrey is! She has traveled so well - she takes her naps and they somehow work into our schedule. We tried to be out the door at the time she has her first nap, around 9am so that she can sleep on the drive to wherever we are going, then she's awake for our activities. Then she has an afternoon nap while we are driving around some more. Then when we are done visiting a place for the day she has her last bottle and she goes to bed for the night on the drive home. It hasn't all worked out perfect, but it hasn't been a problem either. She did sleep through the night completely once, but that's it. But it's hard to be upset in the middle of the night when she's just so easy going and great during the day!


leardonsbelle said...

You are definitely blessed!

Shelli said...

Love that baby!