Saturday, October 10, 2009

So tired!

Around 6 pm last night Aubrey was fussy because she had a early nap and was really tired. It was an hour before her next bottle, but she just couldn't wait to sleep. I put her in her highchair next to me at the computer while I worked, but she fell asleep, hunched over to the side. So I took her out and put her down on the bean bag chair next to the highchair so she could take a nap - poor thing! Jared came home shortly after and though it was so cute and got me to take the photo. He then picked her up hoping she would wake up and we could entertain her until bedtime, but she just fell asleep in his arms. He eventually put her in her crib, where she slept until just after 7pm - like clockwork it was time to eat!


leardonsbelle said...

What a cute picture! Kids are so funny about where they will sleep.

Shelli said...

What is that bean bag on?

Shannon & Jared said...

it's on the floor, I just blurred out the background again because it was nasty looking, which made it look like it was floating!