Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finally a new seat!

Aubrey has been in a weird transition stage for her car seat - she was still too little to go to a bigger seat but now she has outgrown it in length only! She's still under 20 lbs but she's around 29" long so yesterday we bought her a convertible car seat. Who knew there were so many different kinds of seats! Do you buy a convertible, a 3-in1? We figured just booster seats were cheap enough to not bother buying the 3-in1. She still has to face backwards until she gains a couple of pounds, but now her feet don't hit the back of the seat!


Christina said...

We used the infant seats in the beginning then we got our son a convertible one as he didn't meet the weight requirements to turn it around until he was 14 months old. He's 2 now and still using it- we love it!

leardonsbelle said...

We bought Emily a convertible one. They are awesome. What a big girl!