Friday, March 12, 2010

Some updates

Last Saturday Aubrey decided she wanted to start walking and has been ever since. She hasn't quite figured out how to stand from sitting by herself yet, but I'm sure that will come soon. Now with this new found desire to walk, comes the desire to get out of the sunroom and into the rest of the house. The rest of the house is pretty baby proofed now, except for the stair railing which needs to be replaced and a baby gate added to the top of the stairs. We found 18 spindles on usedvictoria for $20 quite a while ago and my dad gave us the top hand rail that was used so all we need is 1 post, 1 half post and the bottom shoe rail and all the hardware. We went to Home Depot last night to see what they had and what is involved. We think we have it figured out but I think Jared's a bit nervous of making a mistake. He has 3 days off next week so the plan is to get it done then and I can't wait.

Another project that I've been waiting to get done was getting my business sign up in the front yard which we did yesterday! We used some wood Dave had left over from something and Jared made a post for the sign to hang from. It's a little bigger then I pictured but I think it will definitely stand out! I'm not sure where to move the address rock to though. Maybe to the right of the sign in front of the spiky plant? Any suggestions?

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Julianne said...

Sign looks great Shannon!